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As mothers we deserve an opportunity to work from home so we can take charge of our lives. Why can’t we have it all? – A thriving work life and home life?

Our littles are only little for a short amount of time. Why miss precious moments with your kids when you can work from home?

I believe that mothers deserve an opportunity to work from home so they can have the freedom to make their own hours, break glass ceilings, and create something meaningful for themselves and their family. All while being at home to hear giggles and savor snuggles.

I believe that anyone can create a successful biz by becoming an online teacher.

How awesome is it that in today’s world, you have opportunities to create an income by sharing your skills, knowledge, and talents with others!? You can get paid to help others see and feel those ‘aha moments’ that come so easily to you.

I love helping women step into the best versions of themselves so they can shine and help their children to shine as well. Let’s be a role model for our children! We can show our kids that with vision, tenacity, and faith that they can become whatever they put their minds to.

I am committed to helping women start a biz by tapping into their inner leader/teacher – allowing their light and talents to shine. Helping them push through fear, manage their time and become an online teaching rockstar.

Teaching online is a new way of leveraging your amazing knowledge and talents to create endless opportunities for you and your family.

But teaching is not telling. There’s a skill and an art to effective teaching. Teaching involves knowing how people learn. How to capture their attention and to communicate your message effectively.

Teaching + marketing = an amazing business!  And that’s exactly what I teach in this little space of the interwebs!

Welcome to Kids and a Biz!

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I’d love to build a biz by teaching online, but I don’t know what I could teach!

I know what I want to teach, but I need some help turning my experience and ideas into a course!

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