Seeking Beta Testers

Get your course idea out of your head and into the world!

You have a big idea and you know a TON about your subject!

But your idea has been collecting mental dust because getting that message out in a clear, linear format is challenging.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with organizing ALL the information in your mind and structuring it in a way that students not only comprehend, but take action and get results?

Feeling confused on how to put it all together so that students will actually retain what they learn?

Nervous about your ability to be an engaging, interesting online teacher?

Think about your favorite online entrepreneurs…the one’s that you love hearing from and look forward to their emails, webinars and offerings.

What skill do all these people have in common?

They’re all really good teachers!

And you can totally be a rockstar teacher also! Teaching is a skill that can be taught.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your future students said that your course changed their life!?That you were fun, interesting and totally over delivered. And they referred you to all their friends and you became the go-to expert in your niche.

A well designed course that gets your student’s results can help you become the coveted influencer!

Discover and Learn


How to structure and design your course content that will deliver maximum results and engagement from your students.


The 3 step process to creating content that will get your students to complete the course and get results.


How people actually learn and retain information.


How to create lessons and activities that will engage students and keep them coming back for more.


Teaching strategies and delivery methods that will prevent student boredom


Templates to make the planning process easier and save you time.


  • Together 1:1 we will determine and define what the purpose of your course is and gain clarity on the journey that your students will go through as they take your course.
  • We will go through the 3 step process of backwards design to create an amazing curriculum.
  • We will develop lesson plans and activities that students will love.
  • You’ll get 3, 45 minute 1:1 sessions and you’ll end up with full curriculum + lesson plans with a variety of activities – not just worksheets.


By being a beta tester, you’ll get access to the full 3 week program for a fraction of the price at $37. This is a savings of over $200!

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Please note that since the fee is minimal to participate, there is a requirement to fill out a survey at the end, provide feedback and give a testimonial if you found the experience helpful and enjoyable. 

*Because this is a 1:1 service, there is a limited amount of space available. So not all that apply will be selected. If you are selected you will be notified via email with further instructions. By applying, you are agreeing to be notified about the program even if you are not accepted.

Meet your personal teacher on teaching!

Hey! I’m Ali

I’m a wife and teacher. And I’ve got kids (3 of them) and a biz that I run from home while looking after my toddler.

I’ve been an educator for over 10 years and I’ve had an obsession with online business for the last 4. Because of my obsession, I’ve taken lots of courses. Everything from creating a website to list building to Instagram to email marketing.

Some have been great…..and some have been not so great.

And that’s the way most courses are. The reality is that 85% of people do not complete or succeed in the courses they enroll in!!

So why??

Most people who teach how to create online courses teach about the marketing part. Which is super important because marketing is what will get people into your course and how you’ll make money.

But most fail to teach one VERY important part – HOW TO EFFECTIVELY TEACH AND HOW PEOPLE LEARN.

If you don’t create a course that effectively teaches people, your course will be a flop. And that is an enormous waste of time, energy and money.

This is why I created a Rockstar Teacher. To not only help you organize your ideas, but to make sure that your course is amazing and your students will find success and rave about it!

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